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Spring, 2004





Introduction to plasma processing

April 6

Plasma fundamentals and overview of plasma processing in microelectronics


Gas discharge fundamentals

April 8

Cross-sections of electron impact processes

F. F. Chen


April 13

Mobility, diffusion, and magnetic field effects; desired characteristics of plasma tools

F. F. Chen

Plasma gas-phase and surface kinetics

April 15

Conservation equations and equilibrium properties

J. P. Chang

(HW#1 due)

April 20

Collision dynamics

J. P. Chang

April 22

 Atomic collisions and spectra

J. P. Chang

HW#3 (HW#2 due)

April 27 Molecular collisions and spectra J.P. Chang HW#3 due
April 29 Surface reaction kinetics

May 4

First Midterm

Plasma diagnostics (I)
May 6 Optical measurements J.P. Chang HW#4

May 11

Mass spectroscopic measurements

J. P. Chang

Plasma generation


Elements of plasma sources; RIE discharges

F. F. Chen

(HW#4 due)

May 18

ECR and ICP reactors

F. F. Chen


May 20 Helicon and other high-density sources F. F. Chen

Plasma diagnostics (II)

May 25

Electrical measurements I

F. F. Chen

(HW#5 due)

May 27

Electrical measurements II

F. F. Chen


June 1

Second Midterm

Plasma applications, modeling, and future challenges

June 3

Plasma enhanced deposition and etching

J. P. Chang

June 8 Feature scale and atomic scale modeling Both

June 10

Current developments and furture challenges

Both HW#6 due
June 17 Final project or report due


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