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The lab is well-equiped to develop, test and characterize micro-scale devices with a dedicated 20 sq. meter class 1000 cleanroom where prototypes are handled. Three vacuum chambers are used for testing unpackaged devices.

Major equipment:

Signal analyzers: SR785 Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer, HP 35670A

Impedance measurement: Agilent 4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer, Agilent 4284A Precision LCR Meter

Noncontact measurement: Polytec Vibrometer

Real-time signal processing: Innovative Integration DSP boards, dSpace 1103 PPC Controller Boards

Analog signal processing: SR 830 Lock-in, many SRS small instrument modules

Inspection: Olympus SZX-ZB16 stereo microscope

Ablation: NewWave Research QuikLaze laser cutting system

Deposition: MicroFab Technologies JetLab

Gyro calibration: Acutronic single axis rate table BD125

Modal testing: Ling LVS 100 modal shaker, selection of accelerometers and force transducers

Miscellaneous: ball-wedge bonder, power supplies, signal sources, oscilloscopes