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Razavi Fundamentals of Microelectronics Errata.pdf

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How to Apply to Academia Workshop (2/18/2011)

"How to get a faculty position from an industry job"   by Prof. Rob Candler

"Personal reflections on the academic life"  by Prof. Paulo Tabuada

"10 things you should know for the academic job search"  by Prof. Lara Dolecek

"Positioning yourself for the academic job search"  by Prof. Ben Williams

Ivory Tower Workshop (5/29/2009)

"Life in the Ivory Tower: Those Who Can, Teach; Those Who Can't, do."   by Prof. Behzad Razavi

"On being a professor and the pleasures of finding things out"  by Prof. Mihaela van der schaar

"Planning for an Academic Career - from Grad School to Tenure Track"  by Prof. Aydogan Ozgan

"Academic Life Before and After PhD"  by Prof. Dejan Markovic


UCLA Pipelined ADC Simulator (UPAS)


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