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Interesting Results
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Lang transmission topographs of misfit dislocation distribution across 150mm diameter p/p+ silicon wafer

Contrast of misfit dislocations with opposite tilt components of their Burgers vectors in double crystal x-ray topography

Silicon self-implantation into strained p/p+ Si inhibits misfit dislocation nucleation and motion during anneal

Misfit dislocation nucleation and glide in low-dose silicon self-implant strained p/p+ Si

Characterization of crystalline perfection in large diameter GaAs and InP substrates using x-ray topography and triple axis x-ray diffraction

High resolution x-ray diffraction studies of strained layers in GaInP/AlGaAs/GaAs cascade solar cells:  Reciprocal Space Maps

Application of x-ray reflectivity to thermoelectric materials: GaAs/AlAs Reflectivity Reciprocal Space Maps

X-ray reflectivity scan of a multilayer gold polymer thin film on a Si substrate

Surface roughening (cross-hatched pattern) caused by increasing concentration of 60o as well as 90o misfit dislocations

last updated:  6/01