Below is the most recent list of patents currently held by Professor Jane Chang.


1. Herbert H. Sawin, Jane P. Chang. Scott A. Lawing, Zhe Zhang, and Han Xu, “Metals removal process” U.S. patent 6,083,413, 26 claims, 2000.

2. Jane P. Chang, Y-S. Lin, A. Kepten, M. Sendler, S. Levy, and R. Bloom, “Methods for Depositing A Coating Having a Relatively High Dielectric Constant onto a Substrate” U.S. patent 6,884,719, 43 claims, 2005.

3. Jane P. Chang, and Robert L. Opila, “UV/halogen metal removal process” Pending.

4. Jane P. Chang, and M. L. Steigerwald, “ Doping effect in a MOM capacitor structure” Pending.

5. Jane P. Chang, and Robert L. Opila, “UV enhanced chemistry for metal and oxide removal” Pending.