Electronic Materials Synthesis and Plasma Processing Lab

Jane P. Chang - Patents


1. Herbert H. Sawin, Jane P. Chang. Scott A. Lawing, Zhe Zhang, and Han Xu, “Metals removal process” U.S. patent 6,083,413, 26 claims, 2000.  (JPEG)

2. Jane P. Chang, Y-S. Lin, A. Kepten, M. Sendler, S. Levy, and R. Bloom, “Methods for Depositing A Coating Having a Relatively High Dielectric Constant onto a Substrate” U.S. patent 6,884,719, 43 claims, 2005.

3. Jane P. Chang, and Robert L. Opila, “UV/halogen metal removal process” Pending.

4. Jane P. Chang, and M. L. Steigerwald, “ Doping effect in a MOM capacitor structure” Pending.

5. Jane P. Chang, and Robert L. Opila, “UV enhanced chemistry for metal and oxide removal” Pending.


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