Professor Jane P. Chang's research focuses on the synthesis and chemical processing of novel materials, atomistic understanding of solid state interfaces, and their applications in microelectronics, optoelectronics, solar cells, batteries, and other energy related applications.

Specifically, her research focuses on developing novel atomic layer controlled thermal, radical, and plasma enhanced deposition techniques to synthesize compositionally controlled conformal coating, either on a planar surface such as a wide band gap semiconductor or selectively over complex 3-D surface topography, such as in a 3-D micro-battery or fuel cells.

Department of Chemical Engineering, UCLA
William F. Seyer Chair in Materials Electrochemistry


B.S. National Taiwan University, 1993.
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995.
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997.
Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs,
Lucent Technologies, 1998-1999.

Teaching Experience

Awards and Honors
Rumbel Fellowship, MIT, 1993.
AVS Coburn and Winters Award, 1996.
NSF Faculty Career Award, 2000-2004.
Chancellor's Career Development Award, 2000-2004.
William F. Seyer Chair in Materials Electrochemistry, 2000-2005.
Guest Editor, International Journal of Engineering Education, 2001-2002.
TRW Excellence in Teaching Award, 2002.
ONR Young Investigator Award, 2003.
Teacher of the Year, Chemical Engineering, UCLA, 2003.
Professor of the Year, Chemical Engineering, UCLA, 2004.
AVS Peter Mark Award, 2005.
Frontier of Engineering Symposium Participants, National Academy of Engineering, 2006.
Profesor of the Year, Chemical Engineering, UCLA 2009.
AVS Fellow, 2013.
AVS Plasma Prize, 2018.
Samueli School of Engineering University Service Award, 2021.
AIChE Fellow, 2021.

"Plasma-Surface Interactions ", The 50th Anniversary Commemorative Volume, American Vacuum Society (2003), Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology.
“2006 Dry Processing” in Thin Solid Films, guest editor.
“Nanoscale Etching and Deposition,” in Plasma Processing of Nanomaterials.
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“Multiferroic Properties of Nano-structured Pb(Zr,Ti)Ox-CoFe2O4 Hybrid Material,” AIChE Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October 2011.
“Plasmon Assisted Upconversion with Core-shell Nanorods,” AIChE Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, October 2011.
“Coupling of Surface Mixed-Layer Kinetics and Monte Carlo Modeling for Profile Evolution in Patterning Complex Oxides,” AIChE Annual Conference, Minneapolis,
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Herbert H. Sawin, Jane P. Chang. Scott A. Lawing, Zhe Zhang, and Han Xu, “Metals removal process” U.S. patent 6,083,413, 26 claims, 2000.
Jane P. Chang, Y-S. Lin, A. Kepten, M. Sendler, S. Levy, and R. Bloom, “Methods for Depositing A Coating Having a Relatively High Dielectric Constant onto a Substrate” U.S. patent 6,884,719, 43 claims, 2005.
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Professor Jane P. Chang