Journal Articles (2000-2004)

  1. Helium-cooled Refractory Alloys First Wall and Blanket Evaluation
    C.P.C. Wong a, R.E. Nygren, C.B. Baxi, P. Fogarty, N. Ghoniem, H. Khater, K. McCarthy, B. Merrill, B. Nelson, E.E. Reis, S. Sharafat, R. Schleicher, D.K. Sze, M. Ulrickson, S. Willms, M. Youssef, S. Zinkle, The APEX Team
    Fusion Engineering and Design 49-50: 709-717 (2000)

  2. Parametric Dislocation Dynamics: A Thermodynamcis-based Approach to Investigations of Mesoscopic Plastic Deformation
    N.M. Ghoniem, S.H. Tong, and L.Z. Sun
    Phys. Rev. B B1(1): 913-927 (2000)

  3. Comparison of A Microstructure Evolution Model With Experiments on Irradiated Vanadium
    S. Sharafat and N.M. Ghoniem
    J. Nucl. Mater. 283:789 (2000)

  4. Computational Methods For Mesoscopic, Inhomogeneous Plastic Deformation
    Nasr M. Ghoniem
    Proceddings of First Latin American Symposium on Materials Instabilities
    Valpareso, Chile, Kluwer Publication (2000)

  5. 3-D Dislocation Dynamics Study of Plastic Instability in Irradiated Copper
    L.Z. Sun, N. M. Ghoniem,S. Tong and B.N. Singh
    J. Nucl. Mater. 283:741 (2000)

  6. Operating Temperature Windows for Fusion Reactor Structural Materials
    S.J. Zinkle and N.M. Ghoniem
    Fusion Engineering and Design 51-52: 55 (2000)

  7. Interaction and Accumulation of Glissile defect Clusters Near Dislocations
    N.M. Ghoniem, B. N. Singh, L. Z. Sun, and T. Diaz de la Rubia
    J. Nucl. Mater 276: 166-177 (2000)

  8. Production Of High-Density Ni-Bonded Tungsten Carbide Coatings Using An Axially Fed DC-Plasmatron
    S. Sharafat, A. Kobayashi, S. Chen, and N. Ghoniem
    J. Surface and Coatings Technology 130: 164-172 (2000)

  9. Development of composite thermal barrier coatings with anisotropic microstructure
    S. Sharafat, A. Kobayashi, V. Ogden, and N. Ghoniem
    Vacuum 59: 185-193 (2000)

  10. Analytical and Numerical Determination of the Elastic Interaction Energy between Glissile Dislocations and Stacking Fault Tetrahedra in FCC Metals
    L.Z. Sun, N.M. Ghoniem, and Z.Q. Wang
    J. Mat. Sci. & Engr. A309-310: 178-183 (2001)

  11. Radiation Damage Correlations For Fusion Conditions
    Nasr M. Ghoniem
    Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology, Pergamon Press, Elsevier Science Publication, 3413-3418 (2001) ISBN:0-08-0431526

  12. On Dislocation Interaction with Radiation-induced Defect Clusters and Plastic Flow Localization in FCC Metals
    N.M. Ghoniem, S.H. Tong, B.N. Singh, and L.Z. Sun
    Phil. Mag. A 81(11): 2743-2764 (2001)

  13. Multi-scale, Multi-physics Modeling of Radiation-damaged Materials: Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Steels
    G.R. Odette, B.D. Wirth, D. J. Bacon and N.M. Ghoniem
    MRS Bulletin, March, 176-81 (2001)

  14. Computer Simulations of Mesoscopic Plastic Deformation with Differential Geometric Forms for the Elastic Field of Parametric Dislocations: Review of Recent Progress Invited Paper at the 5th Euro-Conference on Mechanics of Materials
    Delft, Netherlands, March, 6-9 (2001)
    N.M. Ghoniem and J.M. Huang
    J. de Physique IV 11(5): 53-60 (2001)

  15. Affine Covariant-contravariant Vector Forms for the Elastic Field of Parametric Dislocations in Isotropic Crystals
    N.M. Ghoniem, J.M. Huang, and Z.Q. Wang
    Phil. Mag. Lett. 82(2): 55-63 (2002)

  16. The Effects of Crystal Anisotropy and Adherence Forces on Laser Induced Deformation Patterns in Thin Films
    D. Walgraef and N.M. Ghoniem
    Phys. Rev. B65 1555304-1 to 1555304-10 (2002)

  17. Theory and Experiment of Nanostructure Self-organization in Irradiated Materials
    N.M. Ghoniem, D. Walgraef and S. J. Zinkle
    Invited Perspective Article
    J. Comp. Aided Mat. Design 8: 1-38 (2002)

  18. The Dynamics of Dislocation Interaction with Sessile Self-Interstitial Atom (SIA) Defect Cluster Atmospheres
    Jianming Huang and Nasr M. Ghoniem
    J. Comp. Mat. Science 23: 225-234 (2002)

  19. The Infuence of Crystal Surfaces on Dislocation Interactions in Mesoscopic Plasticity: A Combined Dislocation Dynamics- Finite Element Approach
    R. Martinez and N. M. Ghoniem
    J. Comp. Meth. Engr. Science, CMES 3(2): 229-243 (2002)

  20. The Emerging Role of Multiscale Modeling in Nano- and Micro-mechanics of Materials
    Nasr M. Ghoniem and Kyeongjae Cho
    J. Comp. Meth. Engr. Science, CMES 3(2): 147-173 (2002)

  21. Mechanisms of Dislocation-Defect Interactions in Irradiated Metals Investigated by Computer Simulations
    N. M. Ghoniem, S.H. Tong, J. Huang, B.N. Singh and M. Wen
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  22. Experiment-Based Modelling of Hardening and Localized Plasticity in Metals Irradiated Under Cascade Damage Conditions
    B.N. Singh, N.M. Ghoniem and H. Trinkaus
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  23. Kinetic Modeling of Phase Selection during Non-Equilibrium Solidification of WC
    Marios D. Demetriou, Nasr M. Ghoniem, Adrienne S. Lavine
    Acta Materialia. 50(6): 1421-1432 (2002)

  24. Feasibility of Plasma Spraying in Developing MMC Coatings: Modeling the Heating of Coated Powder Particles
    Marios D. Demetriou, Adrienne S. Lavine, Nasr M. Ghoniem
    J. Manufact. Sci. Engr. (JMSE) (24): 58-64 (2002)

  25. Effects of Nucleation Transience on the Kinetics of Crystallization
    Marios D. Demetriou, Nasr M. Ghoniem, Adrienne S. Lavine
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  26. Computation of Metastable Phases in Tungsten-Carbon System
    Marios D. Demetriou, Nasr M. Ghoniem, Adrienne S. Lavine
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  27. Modeling of Graphitization Kinetics during Peritectic Melting of Tungsten Carbide
    Marios D. Demetriou, Nasr M. Ghoniem, Adrienne S. Lavine
    Acta Materialia. 50: 4995-5004 (2002)

  28. Accuracy & Convergence of Parametric Dislocation Dynamics (PDD)
    Jianming Huang and Nasr M. Ghoniem
    Mod. Sim. Mat. Sci. Engr. 10: 1-19 (2002)

  29. Plasma Spraying of micro-composite Thermal Barrier Coatings
    S. Sharafat, A. Kobayashi, Y. Chen and N.M. Ghoniem
    Vacuum 65(3&4): 415-25 (2002)

  30. Multiscale Modeling of Nano- and Micro-Mechanics: an Overview
    Nasr M. Ghoniem, Hanchen Huang, Esteban Busso, and Nicolas Kioussis
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    X. Han, N.M. Ghoniem and Z. Wang
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    D.Walgraef and N.M.Ghoniem
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  33. Fusion Energy with Lasers, Direct Drive Targets, and Dry-Wall Chambers
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  34. Dislocation Motion in Thin Cu Foils: A Comparison Between Computer Simulations and Experiment
    Zhiqiang Wang, Rodney J. McCabe, Nasr M. Ghoniem, Richard LeSar, Amit Misra, and Terence E. Mitchell
    Acta Materialia 52(6): 1535-1542 (2004)

  35. On the Sweeping Mechanism of Dipolar Dislocation Loops under Fatigue Conditions
    J. Huang, N.M. Ghoniem, and J. Kratochvil
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  36. Multipole Representation of the Elastic Field of Dislocation Ensembles
    Zhiqiang Wang, Nasr M. Ghoniem, and Richard LeSar
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  37. Multi-scale Modeling of Si and C Nanocluster Nucleation During Non-equilibrium Gas Phase Processing
    Greg Johnson and Nasr M. Ghoniem
    J. Comput. Theor. Nanoscience 1: 1-11 (2004)

  38. Application of high-power plasma gun for thermal cycle testing of refractory foams
    Shahram Sharafat, Akira Kobayashi, and Nasr M. Ghoniem
    Vacuum 73: 475-480 (2004)

  39. Thermodynamic Stability of Oxide, Nitride, and Carbide Coating Materials in Liquid Sn-25Li
    Shahram Sharafat, Nasr M. Ghoniem, and Steve Zinkle
    J Nucl Mat 329-333: 1429-1433 (2004)

  40. Multiscale Modeling of the Brittle-to-Ductile-Transition
    S.J. Noronha, J. Huang, N.M. Ghoniem
    J. Nucl. Mater. 329-333; 1180-1184 (2004)